Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Magnificent Christ - Demon Possessed People

  The account of Mark's gospel chapter 5, shows us through the demoniac of the Gadarenes the characteristics of demons possessed people.  They like nudity and sexual display. They are unclean in actions and words.  They are often uncontrollable.  They dwell in lonely places and they are tormented.  This man demonstrated all these. He was infact, filled with a legion of demons in the hundreds and perhaps some believe up to a thousand.  The village people were afraid of him and could not control him so they bound him in a cave with chains.  But he continually broke the chains.  Jesus must needs go over the sea to set this man free!  Jesus said His anointing delivered the captive.  In my many years of street ministry in San Francisco as we went weekly to Powell and Market streets, we saw many people delivered from demons.  I learned from years of experience that demons operate on two principles: 1) they are territorial. 2) they operate by permission.  The way to cast them out of someones body is to remove these two strongholds.  You remove territory, by bringing it under submission to Christ and His ruler ship.  You removed permission by commanding.  Jesus never played mental games with demons but always spoke to them. We do that in the name of Jesus practicing His authority.  The sons of Sceva tried to cast out demons, but had no authority.  They were attacked and ran out of the house naked. 
You must operated under the transmitted authority Jesus gives us as His sons and daughters. This is one of the vital ministries of the saints who know who they are in Christ and know who they are under...Jesus Christ.  

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