Sunday, October 12, 2014

Magnificent Christ - Casting out Demons

   Jesus announced His mission after coming out of the wilderness having just been tempted by Satan for 40 days.  He goes to the temple and reads Isaiah 61:1-2  "The Spirit of the Lord is now upon me for He has anointed me to .. proclaim liberty to the captives."  Jesus spent almost 1/3 of His ministry casting out demons.  We should also.  I have always been interested in knowing how to do this.  I learned from the many years of street ministry on the streets of San Francisco.  It was almost a weekly episode.  Sometimes a bit dramatic.  I have seen demons come out with a loud voice, with cries of desperation, and sometimes simply quietly.  But I have seen many people set free.  Drug addicts, prostitutes and people who have particularly given their bodies over to demons.  But as I often mention, the meanest demons are religious ones.  They are the ones that crucified Jesus.  I am going to talk these next few days about how to cast out demons.  If you want to see people set free, truly set free, you need to know how to do this.  

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